Miss Universe South Africa 2018


27 May 2018 – Tamaryn Green from Western Cape province was crowned Miss South Africa 2018 as well as the title of Miss Universe South Africa 2018. She will represent South Africa at Miss Universe this year.

At the same event, Thulisa Keyi from Eastern Cape province was crowned Miss World South Africa.

After 2017, South Africa currently ranks 8th at the International Beauty Ranking.


Miss Universe Brazil 2018


27 May 2018 – Mayra Dias, Miss Amazonas was crowned Miss Brazil 2018. 

Mayra Dias emerged as the winner of the Miss Brasil 2018 pageant. She earned the right to represent Brazil at Miss Universe 2018 later this year.

Amazonas (red), the home state of the new Miss Brazil

Mayra is from Amazonas, the largest state in Brazil by area. Amazonas is located in the north of the country and this is only the second time the state has won Miss Brazil. The previous time was in 1957.

The first runner up is Miss Bahia, while the second runner up is Miss Ceara.

The full result of Miss Brazil 2018 can be accessed here.

(Photo: Miss Brasil Be Emition)

Miss Grand Ukraine 2018


26 May 2018 – Yana Laurinaichute from Kyiv was crowned Miss Grand Ukraine 2018. 

She will represent Ukraine at Miss Grand International 2018, which will take place in Myanmar on October 25 this year.

Ukraine is one of the stronger countries in Europe at Miss Grand International. In both 2016 and 2017 editions, this Eastern European country advanced to the top 10.

Personally, I think it is likely that Ukraine could reach further than top 10 this year!

Ukraine now ranks 44th at the International Beauty Ranking.

Miss USA Beauty Ranking (Until 2018)


Here is the ranking of all 50 states and DC based on their performances in all editions of Miss USA, from 1952 to 2018.

Please scroll below to see the rules of the ranking and some notable changes between 2017 and 2018.

Top 10 

Rank State Score
1 tx.png Texas 119
2 ca.png California 110
3 sc.png South Carolina 69
4 ny.png New York 67
5 tn.png Tennessee 60
6 al.png Alabama 58
7 il.png Illinois 56
8 la.png Louisiana 51
9 fl.png Florida 50
9 ga.png Georgia 50

Top 20

Rank State Score
11 dc District of Columbia 45
11 hi2.png Hawaii 45
11 nv.png Nevada 45
14 mi.png Michigan 43
15 ok.png Oklahoma 41
16 az.png Arizona 40
17 mo.png Missouri 39
18 nc.png North Carolina 37
18 oh.png Ohio 37
18 ut.png Utah 37

Top 51

Rank State Score
21 va.png Virginia 36
22 nj New Jersey 34
23 ky Kentucky 29
23 nm.png New Mexico 29
25 md.png Maryland 28
26 ks.png Kansas 26
26 ma.png Massachusetts 26
28 mn.png Minnesota 25
29 ar.png Arkansas 22
29 ct.png Connecticut 22
29 in.png Indiana 22
29 ri.png Rhode Island 22
33 ne.png Nebraska 21
33 wa.png Washington 21
35 pa.png Pennsylvania 19
36 ms.png Mississippi 16
36 wv.png West Virginia 16
38 ia.png Iowa 14
39 co.png Colorado 13
39 or.png Oregon 13
41 vt.png Vermont 12
42 me.png Maine 10
42 nd.png North Dakota 10
42 wi.png Wisconsin 10
45 ak.png Alaska 8
46 id.png Idaho 7
46 nh.png New Hampshire 7
48 sd.png South Dakota 5
49 mt.png Montana 3
50 wy.png Wyoming 2
51 de.png Delaware 1


  • Miss USA: 5 points
  • 1st runner-up: 4 points
  • 2nd runner-up: 3 points
  • Finalists (top 5): 2 points
  • Semifinalists (other placements): 1 point

Updates from 2017: 

  • The historic victory of Nebraska pushed the state from the 35th to 33rd place.
  • North Carolina, which placed as 1st runner-up, went from 21st rto 18th place. As a result, Virginia left the top 20 and settled at the 21st place.
  • Nevada rose 2 spots, from 13th to 11th.

Miss USA 2018

21 May 2018 – Sarah Rose Summers from Nebraska was crowned Miss USA 2018. She will represent the USA at Miss Universe.


In the finale of Miss USA 2018, the blond beauty from Nebraska has won. This is the first time this Midwestern state has ever won a Miss USA title. I believe she could get far in Miss Universe, at least top 10.


What sets Sarah apart from other delegates is her bubbly personality of a girl next door. Her final answer in the top 3 is excellent, proving she is a deserving winner. She works as a certified child life specialist who assures effective communication between patients, their families and the medical team.

1st runner-up is Miss North Carolina USA, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and 2nd runner-up is Miss Nevada USA, Carolina Urrea. Nevada is of Colombian descent and her evening gown really reminds me of Adriana Gutierrez from Colombia, who was 1st runner-up at Miss Universe 2015.

Top 5 includes representatives from Florida and South Dakota. Genesis Davila was a former Miss World Puerto Rico. She was crowned Miss Florida USA 2017 but dethroned later for violating a pageant rule. She competed again this year and made Florida proud.

Heavy favorites of some pageant sites California and Georgia (who was born in Colombia) only ended up in the top 10. Other beauties in the top 10 are Maine (who serves in the military), New Jersey (she aspires to become a police officer) and Tennessee (daughter of a former Miss Tennessee USA).

States represented in the top 15 are Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas. I am happy that Oregon made the top 15, the last time this Western state placed was back in 2004.

(Photos: eonline, Miss USA)

Miss Mexico 2018

5 May 2018 – Representatives for Mexico at Miss World and Miss Grand International 2018 were chosen. 


Miss World Mexico 2018 is Vanessa Ponce, Miss Mexico City. She was the winner of Mexico’s Next Top Model (cycle 5) in 2014.


One day before the finale, a separate pageant was held. Lezly Diaz from Guadalajara, Jalisco was crowned Miss Grand Mexico and she will represent her country at Miss Grand International 2018 in Myanmar.

Mexico currenly ranks 16th at the All-Time International Beauty Ranking. In Latin America, Mexico is the 5th best perfoming country (after Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and Puerto Rico).

Mister International Spain 2018


6 May 2018 – The 6th edition of Mister International Spain concluded with the victory of Jesus Collado, from Valladolid. He will represent Spain at Mister International 2019.

The 1st runner-up is Vicent Llorach from Valencia, and the 2nd runner-up is Ion Álvarez from Navarra.

Vicent Llorach (1st runner-up) in the swimsuit competition

Hopefully, the 1st runner-up will be sent to Mister Supranational. Personally, I like the 1st runner-up more than the winner. However, if Vicent won, he would be sent to Mister International next year and I have a feeling that Spanish representatives with muscular body don’t perform well in this Asia-based pageant. Spain has better chance in Mister Supranational, Mister Universe (Men Universe Model) and even Mister Global, compared to Mister International.

Spain currently ranks 4th in the Men Beauty Ranking, which is tied with India. Spain is the best performing European country in male pageants.